Wish List

It’s not just money that we require. There are many things in terms of equipment and other goods that will be gratefully received.

We are also happy to receive offers of Professionals such as teachers, doctors, dentists computer experts etc to give their time.

Want To Help?

If you would like to help by offering donations of money or materials, or if you have professional services to offer, please contact us.

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The Wish List

Material items we can put to good use.

Mobility Aids – Needless to say, The Foundation needs wheelchairs, walking frames, leg braces, artificial limbs etc. If you would like to purchase any of these items please contact The Foundation to discuss.








Handicraft and artists materials – Such as artist brushes, paints, crayons basket making materials, modelling clay etc.

Sports Goods – Yes, despite their handicaps, some of the kids enjoy playing football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, tennis, badminton and table games.

Dress making Materials – Everything necessary for making clothes, material, needles, threads, second hand sewing machines. Several of the children’s mothers make clothing and other articles such as curtains for The Foundation.

Clothing – New or good condition second hand clothing is always welcome. Any of your old Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, DKNY etc will do nicely!

Musical Instruments – We have some talented kids amongst us who might even make it the pop charts one day thanks to your help.

Computers – The children are taught computer skills and even some of the most severely disabled cases are able to use a computer, giving them a real interest to pursue and thereby improving their quality of life.

The Foundation needs some more computers, monitors, printers cartridges for printers, paper for printing etc etc. We promise we’ll give your second hand computers a good home and look after them.        
How about some free internet time from some of you wealthy Internet Service Providers out there?

Televisions & VCR’s – Television is both educational & entertaining for the kids. Consider giving us your second- hand sets.

Toys – New or second hand

Other Bits and Pieces – Schoolbooks, clothing, food, pampers nappies, cleaning materials, paint for redecorating, anything in fact which any normal household with children or school may use will be gratefully received.

Professional Help – If you are a doctor, dentist, teacher, electrician, gardener, computer whiz, craftsman etc., and are able to offer some of your time to help The Foundation, please contact them direct and discuss. Alternatively contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the right person.

For all donations of goods, tell us what you have to give and we’ll arrange to collect, and deliver to The Foundation free of charge.

If the total amount gathered  is surplus to requirements for The Foundation, we guarantee we’ll find another deserving cause to give it to and advise you accordingly.

Any bright ideas that you can give us to help raise money ?

Please contact us and share them with us.